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Our facilities include special rooms to cater for a range of ages and needs. This include the following:

Babies room

This group is for babies of 3 - 12 months old. While there is a structured routine for feeding, sleep and play, flexibility is just as important and you will have a written report each evening on how your baby spent the day. Staff constantly play with your baby and provide the right kind of stimulation to encourage communication and response. Equipment ranges from mobiles and activity gyms to pull-alongs, bricks, musical instruments and much more. The babies are even encouraged to join in with the 'Messy Play', where they paint and play with sand. For some serious fun we have 'Jelly Play', a highly tactile sensory activity which not only feels good but is also safe to eat and very, very tasty. Plenty of love and cuddles are a top priority and your baby can be sure of lots of individuals as well as group attention. All we ask you to provide is plenty of nappies and a set of spare clothes. Each day you will need to bring any bottle baby feed ready made up.

Nursery one

This group is for children of 18-24 months old. As your child gains confidence with running, walking and independence, it's usually time for the next stage. In Nursery One, everything is a little large - tables, chairs, toys and equipment. Plenty of allowance is made for the fact that the under-twos have relatively short attention spans and activities are planned so that no boredom sets in. As far as the children are concerned, it's all just great fun! In reality, their day is carefully organised to encourage development, new skills and confidence. There is always something to do and someone to play with.

Nursery two

This group is for children of 2 - 3 years old. By the time they reach two, most children are ready to be introduced to a more structure daily routine. They will be starting to join in group activities rather than just playing alongside other children. InĀ Nursery Two, the children do many of the same activities as before, but also develop greater confidence. As every parent knows, a two-year-old has very clear ideas of what they do and don't want to do. Every opportunity will be given for your child to make their own decisions and choices, which will help to develop their own personality. At this stage the children will be participating in activities that are designed to teach them colour recognition, basic number skills and different shapes and sizes.

The Classroom

This group is for children of 3 to 5 years old. While the emphasis is now on promoting learning, the atmosphere is relaxed and the children still progress at their own pace. Teaching is informal but carefully planned and structured following the required guidelines. Building a child's confidence, self respect and respect for others plays a huge part in the aims of the nursery. The children are taught to express their feelings and natural curiosity about the world and everything in it.

Outside play areas

We try to give children every opportunity to explore the weather and outside area. This means we go out in all types of weather. If the weather is to extreme we play in our indoor area so the children are still getting fresh air and can enjoy there play. The indoor area is mainly used by our children who are not yet mobile. The outside environment gives children the opportunities to explore, discover, learn and achieve many many things.

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