At Strawberry Academy we are aware of the need to develop and maintain a safe space for our children. We are equipped with the best technology and the training of our entire staff to ensure that the safety of your children is our priority.


All spaces are under a video surveillance system in order to ensure the total and complete safety of all children, at all times of the day.

Access from the outside

Because we take security very seriously, our surveillance cameras cover the entire interior and exterior of the Strawberry Academy, and there is only one door down the street that gives access to an entrance hall. To access the inside, anyone must always have the receptionist’s consent through a code. The other access is from the back, where we have an open air space, perfect for big games, and an emergency exit.

In the nurseries, access is encrypted and only our team has access to the entry code.

Everyone must inform who will pick up the child. To ensure security, we ask that a photograph of all persons authorized to pick up the child be provided. Otherwise the child will not be allowed to leave.

For all persons, access to the interior is only allowed after identification and in the company of a member of our team.

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