About Strawberry Academy

Strawberry Academy was designed and developed to be a nursery school with all the facilities necessary and required by British law, and the requirements created by ourselves to ensure excellence and quality work for all our children.

“We believe that each child is unique and special.”

We guarantee:

  • That your child is always in a safe, happy and stimulating environment.
  • That your child talks to you about how your day at Strawberry Academy went

– Give your child written and verbal reports of your progress in the nursery.

  • Keep informed with regular bulletins.
  • Find out how the nursery works and how we will conduct the day with your child.
  • Find out about all our policies and procedures available in our operational plan.

At Strawberry Academy, every child and family has a dedicated person. This is a staff member who has a special responsibility for your child, giving you the assurance of feeling safe and cared for. They will help your child to become familiar with the nursery and develop a genuine bond with you and your child. This person will carefully record your child’s progress and development by sharing with you and offering ideas to help your child at home. We encourage parents / caregivers to work in partnership with our team as this has a positive impact on the learning and development of children.

We believe that good eating habits in the early years are extremely important. All food is prepared in the nursery by a qualified cook. We provide well-balanced meals, including many fresh fruits and vegetables, all purchased from small local suppliers.

Our aim is to promote healthy growth and bone structure by offering a balanced menu containing protein, complex carbohydrates and vitamins. We meet all the needs of children in matters of vitamins and nutrition.

We know our influence on children’s food intake and eating behaviour so we encourage them to experience new foods by socialising at the table and sharing food.

At Strawberry Academy, we are committed to making your child very happy, stimulated, confident and able to reach their full potential.

Program Contents

Manual works and Drawing

Language Teaching


Didactic Games

Music Education and Singing Lessons

Outdoor Activities

Meet our Team

Sónia Xavier
Sónia XavierOwner/Managing Director
Pedro Xavier
Pedro XavierDirector
Ana Raquel Afonso
Ana Raquel AfonsoDeputy Manager / Room Leader/ Early Years Practitioner
L3 Children and Young People’s Workforce and L5 Childcare Leadership and Management
Isabel Ribeiro
Isabel RibeiroRoom leader/ Early Years Practitioner
BA in Early Childhood Studies
Marisa Xavier
Marisa XavierEarly Years Practitioner
L2 Children and Young People’s Workforce
Vanessa Caldeira
Vanessa CaldeiraEarly Years Practitioner
L2 Children and Young People’s Workforce
Inês Esteves
Inês EstevesEarly Years Practitioner
BA in Early Childhood Studies

Liliana Esteves
Liliana EstevesEarly Years Apprentice
Currently doing her L2 Children and Young People’s Workforce

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